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Produced By: Tony Axtell
Executive Producer: Garth Olson
Recorded & Engineered By: Tony Axtell
Mixed at Mistatone Studios By: Tony Axtell
All Songs Composed By: Garth Olson

Art Direction & Design By: Mark Griffin of Mark and Time Creative Group
Photography: Tom Kanthak of Stafford Photography
Final Mixing & Editing: Ken Chastain and Bon Jenkins of Metro Studios

Marissa Dodge: Homward Bound, Questioning
Gary Gratz: An Unsettled Dawn
Tony Axtell: horn and string arrangements

Synthesizer Solo(s) – Ricky Peterson – Pontifex, Homeward Bound, & Questioning
Drums & Percussion, Synth & Basses – Tony Axtell
Electric Guitars – David Barry
Lead Vocals – Wayne Cullinan
Background Vocals – Marissa Dodge/Tony Axtell
Keyboard – Garth Olson
Acoustic Guitars – James Hersch, Perston Reed
Violin – Pat Frederick
WX-7 Wind Controller – David Marden
Synthesizer Solo – Gary Gratz

Produced By: Garth Olson
Engineered/Mixed By: Steve Wiese for Plus 6
Recorded At: Creation Studios in Minneapolis, MN
All Songs Composed By: Garth Olson
Art Direction & Design: Mark Griffin
Photography: Stafford Photography
Make-up: Kim Carlson

Robin Cain "Love is Calling"
Phil Kadidio – additional arrangement
David Marden "Breaking Through"
Shannon Lunney "More Than Just the Two of Us"

Keyboard Solos – Ricky Peterson ("Breaking Through", "More Than")
Lead Vocals – Pat Frederick, Robin Cain (Summonatio Amare)
Background Vocals – Pat Frederick, Robin Cain, Michael Monroe & Tab Laven
Synthesizers – Phil Marden
Soprano Sax & Flute – David Marden
Drums – Mark Weisberg
Acoustic Piano/Synthesizer –  Garth Olson
Keyboards – Gary Gratz ("More Than")
Classical Guitar – Tab Laven
Tenor Sax – Pat Macken ("Time to Leave")
English Horn – Thomas Tempel
Cello – Joshua Koestenbaum

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