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To help you prepare for your studio experience, Acoustic Innovations brings expertise in budgeting, project management, and marketing.

We'll help you make sense of questions pertaining to copyrights, licensing, and music publishing.

And we'll help you frame out the logistics of your project: recording format, session musicians, loops, and specialized equipment. We'll assist in negotiating studio rates and with scheduling sessions.

Acoustic Innovations understands the centrality of capturing your best performances on tape (or hard-drive, as the case may be). We'll help in fashioning sonic integrity throughout tracking and overdubbing in order to facilitate cohesive mixes. We'll make sure each piece meshes with the big picture that you, the artist, have in mind.

And we'll help you frame out the logistics of your project:
• Recording Format
• Session Musicians

• Loops & Samples
• Specialized Equipment
• Negotiating Studio Rates
• Scheduling Sessions


Music Gear:
• S70XS Yamaha Keyboard
• Motif6 Yamaha Keyboard
• S90 Yamaha Keyboard

• Roland V-Concert Grand

• Roland JV880's
• Roland JV1080


• MacBook Pro - 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7-16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
• Yamaha MSP5's
• Yamaha SW10

• Behringer B-Control Fader

• Apogee Ensemble and Duet


Virtual Instruments:

• MiniMoog - Arturia

• Wurlizter V - Arturia

• RealGuitar 3 - MusicLab

• Omnisphere - Spectransonics

• Stylus RMX – Spectransonics

• Trillian - Spectrasonics

• Superior Drummer - ToonTrack

• B4ll - Native Instruments

• WorldPack for Garage Band - ZeroG

• Groove Agent 3 - Steinberg

• Virtual Bassist - Steinberg

• Virtual Guitarist - Steinberg

• Pianos - Quantum Leep 

• HALion 6 - Steinberg 


• Logic 10
• Finale 2014.15

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